How to remove “You may use these HTML tags…” under the Comment Form

When you work with WordPress, after you create a post and publish it normally you wish the visitors to write comments of their thought on what you’ve posted. It is very exciting when someone responds our articles, isn’t it? But what appears in the comment form may be confusing to the visitor. There is a note saying “You may use these HTML tags and attributes: …” followed by the weird words which not really clear and meaningless to most of us.



This is unwanted and I believe many of us wish to remove that note. If we have the same experience, let me share some tips how to get that rid of.

  1. In your WordPress website folder, open ..\wp-includes\comment-template.php. Use a text editor that you are familiar with, .e.g. Notepad.
  2. Find the word “comment_notes_after”. It may be found in the following text line:

  1. You may remove that line, or remark it if you understand PHP script or HTML script. In the following example I would give the HTML remark, so we let the line just right there but it won’t appear anymore in your page because it will be hidden under the remark tags. Putting the remark tags could be better rather than deleting it because if some day you miss that strange note, you could just simply remove the remark tags.

Save the file and close it. Please go back to your post page and reload it. Voila!!

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